Are you just waiting?

So I’ve been keeping my posts focused on my pregnancies and post partum with our newborn and I was going to continue that streak till God placed on my heart the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”. If you’re familiar with it then you know it’s pretty encouraging and gives a certain reality to how life can be. Of course children may see bright colors and silly rhymes but for me I see certain truths in these rhymes. One that stuck out to me the most was this one:

In life we are constantly waiting for something. I specifically read a post today that said “waiting for 5pm to hit so I can fill this coffee mug (which had coffee) with some wine”. A lot of times in parenthood we say similar quotes

I can’t wait for bedtime!”

Is it naptime yet?”

Not saying it’s bad to say, however, what are we doing till then? Are we enjoying the exhausting moments of our toddler wanting to constantly be picked up? Or we just letting them be while we surf the web for that temporary “escape”. I’m totally guilty of number 2, so long as neither of my babies are crying. I’m a homemaker and so proud to be so! Some days, though, it can be exhausting and it’s ok to feel so.

I’ve began to check myself and realize my babies will only be 18 months and 3 months just ONE TIME! How I spend my time with them NOW will have an everlasting effect on their FUTURE.

When we moved back home to Chicago in August, I had no clue how anything would be. The weather is complete opposite of El Paso. The friends we had before leaving were down to just a few in coming back. So I waited. Wait for what, you ask?

For the weather to get nicer..

For people to make a trip instead of me always making the trip to see them…

Then God smacked me with the question of “What are you doing while waiting?” Psssssshhhhhh!! Instead of hearing excuses, I now was making excuses and became one of those people in the book waiting for something/someone else to make the first move when God was telling me to move in spite of!!

The “waiting for things to happen” got worse after I had Payton in January. Some may call it baby blues, I call it “being in a rut”! It was rough! I felt lonely and frustrated a lot more days than I wanted to be, can I be real. But I was continuously reminded of the miracles God blesses us with every morning and every night! I had lost myself in the winter blues and it had me good. But I snapped out of it and thankfully I did because my husband needs me and my girls need me!

Whatever season of waiting you may find yourself in; what are you doing in the meantime? I’m still waiting for this weather to change 😂 but in the meantime, I’m training for my first race this month in over 10 years and I’ve signed up to go back to school! Is there something you’ve wanted to do but you’re “waiting” for the perfect moment? Well here is your chance!

That’s not for you!

Somehow you’ll escape
all that waiting and staying.
You’ll find the bright places
where Boom Bands are playing.

(Oh, The Places You’ll Go, By: Dr. Seuss)

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