Bed-Sharing 🤷‍♀️

So apparently I got the whole meaning of co-sleeping wrong.

Co-sleeping is sleeping in close proximity or in the same room as your child.

Bed-sharing is sharing the same surface as your child.

So, let’s add that to the long list that people enjoy categorizing other people in….BED-SHARER!! 🤣

Can’t get past these names people want to label other parents, moms specifically. Are you crunchy, silky or scrunchy? What the crap?!?! Can I just be a mom?🤦‍♀️ Being mom already comes with a whole bunch of sub categories, (nurse, teacher, accountant, maid, chef…the list can go on and on).

Let’s talk about why I bed share though. I was actually against it before having ILO but having had a c-section and being difficult to sit up to grab her from the bassinet; it was easier to keep her right next to me. Her cues to eat was a simple smacking of her lips. I have always been sensitive to hearing important noises at night.

When she was about 6 months I tried to transition her to taking naps in her cuna(crib). It worked…..ONE DAY!!! The next day she cried for a couple minutes and because I’m not the type to let her baby ‘cry it out'(CIO), I picked her up and nursed her back to sleep and from that point on I figured when she is ready to sleep on her own then she will. She is now 20 months and cuddles just as much but I can do other things while she sleeps.

Baby PAO just turned 5months and we bought her a dockatot a month or so ago and that’s where she sleeps in the cuna attached to our bed. Now, some days, when she wakes up to nurse and I pick her up, I doze off and well, we then bed share with 2 babies. Lol. Having 2 babies so close in age, both under 2, is exhausting most days. Since I’m now going back to school and starting my business again, I’m glad my girls have a routine.

If that means I need to get homework done on the bed because one or both aren’t sleeping too well then thats what I will do.

It’s not for everyone and, trust me, some days get a bit overwhelming because one will trigger the other one to cry and here I am just stuck in the middle! Did I mention I nurse both babies? Oh yea! I do! 🤣

At the end of it all, do what you are comfortable with. I have a great support system! My husband is all about the cuddles but he is giving me a deadline 🤔but for the moment, we soak up every moment because, guess what? Time isn’t on our side and these babies are gonna grow up before we can even blink and I’m not gonna look back and wish I could’ve snuck in more cuddles because I was too busy doing XYZ or because everyone told me that’s not how its supposed to be done!

Bump what society will tell you what they think is right or wrong when it comes to bed sharing!


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